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Representative Kim Thatcher
State Sen. Kim Thatcher Photo courtesy of the Oregon Legislature

After five successful terms in the House, in 2014, upon the retirement of Sen. Larry George, she immediately threw her hat into the ring to have a chance to move across the Capitol. She comfortably defeated Newberg city councilor Ryan Howard 58.5%-41%, winning all four counties of the district.

One of the perks of the Senate is the four-year term of office, meaning that one may either "relax" from the tension of campaigning every cycle or look for opportunities to run for another office without having to give up one's Senate seat. In 2020, at the urging of prominent Republicans, Sen. Thatcher ran for the open Secretary of State office. She sought to succeed and carry on the legacy of the late Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, who in 2016 was the first Republican to win statewide office since 2000.

For this 81st Assembly, Sen. Thatcher will be able to keep a close eye on the Secretary of State as a member of the Senate Committee on Legislative Audits. She will also be Vice-Chair for the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Ballot Measure 110, a new committee created to draft a legal structure for implementing the amendment to the Oregon Constitution decriminalizing possession of small amounts of controlled substances. She will also be busy right up to the end of the session as a member of the Senate Committee on Rules.

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