The (Legislature) Beat Goes On

Rep. Bill Kennemer on House floorEven when the Legislature is not in session, there is activity behind the scenes. Rep. Bill Kennemer (Dist. 39), whose House district grazes Marion County just north of Aurora, recently announced committee assignments for the remainder of the 78th Legislative Assembly. Typically, committee assignments are made by the caucus and reflect the legislator's seniority, interests, and experience. These assignments are then affirmed in an announcement by the Speaker of the House.

In a press release, Rep. Kennemer simply referred to Speaker Kotek's announcement rather than dive into the weeds of the role of the caucus and Republican leader Rep. Mike McLane. The bottom line is that Rep. Kennemer will continue serving on the three committees and in the same capacity to which he was appointed at the beginning of the regular session in February: Business and Labor (Co-Vice chair), Health Care, and Rules.

"As we begin preparing for the 2016 Legislative Session, my focus will remain on working with my colleagues to strengthen Oregon's private sector economy and bring family-wage jobs to our state, ensure Oregonians have access to quality healthcare services, and continue to advocate for the best interests of my constituents," he announced.

Rep. Kennemer will also participate on the following extra-curricular legislative task forces and work groups:

  • Task Force on Housing with Services
  • Prescription Costs Work Group
  • Flexible Schedules Work Group
  • Compact of Free Association Pacific Islanders Health Insurance Premiums Work Group
  • Public Utilities Commission Natural Gas Work Group


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