July 2014 Central Committee Meeting


7:00 Call to Order

7:02 Invocation

7:04 Pledge

7:05 Secretary's Report

7:07 Treasurer's Report

7:12 Chairman's Report

7:25 Events 

7:30 Candidates

7:50 Appoint PCPs

8:05 Appoint Replacement Alternate Delegate

8:15 New Business

8:30 Adjourn


 Marion County Republican Central Committee

Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2014


The meeting of the Marion County Republican Central Committee was called to order at 6:45pm on April 17, 2014 in Peoples Church by [Facilitator Name]  Wes Butler gave the Invocation and Brad Nanke led the pledge.

Opening Statement

As the interim Chair, Jeff Heyen opened the meeting by explaining that we attempted to contact ALL PCP’s.  There was a Statesman Journal reporter and photographer present. 

Secretary Report

There was a motion, by Brad Nanke, to accept the previous minutes reviewed by silent reading.  It was seconded by Braeda Libby and passed with a unanimous vote.

Treasurer Report

There was a motion, by Brad Nanke, to accept the previous minutes reviewed by silent reading.  It was seconded by Braeda Libby and passed with a unanimous vote.

Patti Milne

Jeff introduced Patti Milne, who spoke to the group about her plan to step down from the County Commissioners office.  She is focused on her campaign to run for State Senate against Peter Courtney.


County Commissioner Election

Jeff went over the proposed rules:

  • There will be a secret ballot procedure
  • All PCP’s have been credentialed
  • There will be a weighted vote:  PCP votes based on the population in their precinct, divided by the number of elected PCP’s.


Tyler Smith, from Clark County, is presiding officer over the election.  Sarah Dressler, from Deschutes County will be teller supervisor.  The tellers are from Polk County. 


We will be using Convention Rules

  • There will be a 4 ballot vote
  • Nominations must be done by a PCP.
  • No Proxy voting per state/county bylaws
  • Option to vote by executive order is by elected PCP’s only


James Loftus motioned to move into an executive session (with only credentialed PCP’s allowed to stay in the meeting) and David Cross seconded.  37 PCP’s voted to move to executive session with 44 voting nay, so the meeting will remain open. 


It was reported that there were 93 credentialed PCP’s and the credential report was accepted by unanimous vote.


There was a motion by Jeff Faville to have an alternate nominee.  Marilyn Shannon seconded the motion.  After discussion of the issue, Jeff Faville amended the motion to have only 3 nominees.  The motion failed.


Kevin Mannix motioned to close debate on the proposed rules, which was passed with an almost unanimous vote.  Kevin then motioned to end debate on the proposed rules and Sam Sapp seconded.  The group voted to close debate on the rules.  A vote to adopt the rules as they stand was passed.



Brad Nanke nominated Susan Thompson

Jan Williamson nominated Gene Pfeifer

James Loftus nominated Carl Snelling

Ken Schaffer nominated Kevin Cameron

Denise Nanke nominated Marty Heyen

David Darnell nominated Jeff Faville

Tom Cherick nominated James Loftus

Nick Gasparro nominated Kim Brady


James Loftus motioned to close the nominations and Kevin Mannix seconded.  The nominations were voted closed.


The nominees drew straws to choose the order in which they can give their 3 minutes speech.  Glenn Holum was asked to be time keeper. 


James Loftus

  • Has been fighting Agenda 21 since 98. 
  • He is against special interest and is fighting for you. 


Jeff Faville

  • Has been a PCP since he was 18. 
  • He is on the Salem/Keizer school district in HD18. 
  • Agrees with the platform of the Republican Party. 
  • Does not support Planned Parenthood in schools. 
  • Marion County has ultimate jurisdiction over the county. 
  • No on Agenda 21. 
  • No on Common Core. 
  • Wants all info BEFORE voting.


Kevin Cameron

  • Thanked everyone for their grassroots efforts. 
  • Thanked Patti Milne for her service to the county.


Gene Pfeifer

  • Stated that Courthouse Square can be fixed and save the County $30 million. 
  • Keep the transparency in the county. 
  • Staff & Consultants should not be making decisions. 
  • CCO’s are a waste of time and creates new bureaucracy costs. 


Marty Heyen

  • Thanked Patti for her work in the county. 
  • Supporting and continuing to work on public safety. 
  • Wants to carry on as a Republican. 
  • Active CERT member, is a PCP, and is ProLife. 
  • UN should not rule (Agenda 21) 
  • No Planned Parenthood in schools and is against Common Core. 
  • Sheriff is the ultimate Authority in the county. 
  • Believes in Small government.


Carl Snelling

  • Principled leadership in line with the Republican Party Platform. 
  • Has had a successful business career. 
  • Of, for and by the people.


Susan Thompson

  • Born a Republican in Cook County. 
  • Worked on campaigns in Marion County. 
  • Agree with Republican Party platform, but would like to have plank 15 elaborated more.


Kim Brady

  • Thanked Patti for her service. 
  • County Commissioner is a management position. 
  • She was a captain in the Army and served as commanding officer of the general staff in Colorado. 
  • 7 years as a production manager. 
  • Human Resources Manager. 
  • Now works for SAIF. 
  • 100% supports the Republican platform. 
  • Opposes CCO’s, Planned Parenthood in school, common core (dumbing down) and Agenda 21.
  • County Sherriff is the highest authority. 
  • Encourage citizen participation in the political process. 


Candidates Voting

One half hour recess was called to allow mingling and verifying information with the candidates.  After reconvening, Tyler explained that there will be 4 ballots and only one name should be written on each ballot.  Observers are allowed to watch the Tellers tally the votes.  There will be 4 votes and 4 candidates will be elected.


While the first ballots were being tallied, Tyler walked the room introducing people who have been elected or have run for elected office.


The results were:

First Ballot:  Kevin Cameron

Second Ballot:  Kim Brady

Third Ballot:  Marty Heyen

Fourth Ballot:  James Loftus



Kevin Mannix motioned for adjournment and Ben Nanke seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.


Minutes Compiled Jacyn Gallagher and typed by Becky Mitts

Becky Mitts



July 17, 2014 at 7pm - 9pm
Peoples Church - Conference Room A & B
Jeff Heyen · · 503-580-3912

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