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The MCRCC may recruit candidates for any public elected office with a service district contained wholly or in part in Marion County. In recruiting candidates for the State Legislature, the MCRCC may cooperate with the Republican caucuses and neighboring County parties.

The MCRCC intends to actively support all Republican candidates seeking elective office representing citizens of Marion County at the General Election held in November of even-numbered years. The MCRCC intends to actively support all Republicans and others advancing Republican interests seeking election to non-partisan positions. The MCRCC invites Republican candidates and those who advance Republican interests and values to seek endorsement by the MCRCC prior to the Primary Election held in even-numbered years and prior to an election held at any other time.

To receive endorsement, all candidates must first appear before the MCRCC at a regular meeting to describe their desire and goals for service in the office and proposed campaign. The Candidates Assessment Committee shall subsequently interview the candidate and report to the MCRCC at the next regular meeting regarding a recommendation for endorsement. All candidates recommended for endorsement will receive support prior to the vote to endorse. To be eligible for an endorsement the candidate must have filed one’s declaration of candidacy or nominating petition with the appropriate Elections authority.

The meeting at which the vote to endorse is taken shall occur in time for candidates to include the endorsement in the Voters’ Pamphlet. To approve a motion to endorse, 2/3 of the MCRCC present must vote in favor. Standard quorum requirements apply.

The MCRCC or the Executive Committee may endorse passage or defeat of any Bill before the State Legislature, the U.S. Congress, or referred to the People by the Legislature. The MCRCC may endorse passage or defeat of any citizen initiative or referendum, including all activities necessary to qualify the proposals for the ballot. The motion must be approved by 2/3 of the MCRCC present. Standard quorum requirements apply.

Without a vote by the MCRCC, PCPs shall acknowledge that individual support for or opposition to any candidate or measure does not indicate a position taken by the MCRCC.

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