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A. General
The Chair shall appoint the following standing committees:

Precinct Organization
Candidates Assessment
Finance and Budget

Additional committees may be appointed by the Chair and serve at the pleasure of the Chair.
The term of office of all committees shall expire with the election of a new Chair.

B. Audit Committee
The Chair shall appoint an Audit Committee. This committee will conduct a full audit of the books of the MCRCC immediately prior to the biennial Organizational Meeting. The results of the audit will be submitted to the Executive Committee no later than five business days prior to the Organizational Meeting.

An audit of the MCRCC books will be conducted at any time on the request of the Chair or the Executive Committee.

The Audit Committee shall certify the accuracy and completeness of the records and submit a written report to the Executive Committee and the MCRCC.

Should a discrepancy be found by the auditors, they shall promptly report the matter to the Chair who shall then immediately call a Special meeting of the Executive Committee for the purpose of formulating a procedure for resolving the discrepancy. Should fraud be suspected, the Executive Committee will authorize the Chair to take the measures necessary to resolve the matter.

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