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A. Voting Membership
The Executive Committee shall consist of a minimum of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the ORP Central Committee.

The Executive Committee may not have more appointed voting members than elected members.

B. Non-Voting Membership
Non-Voting members may include the immediate past Chair, legal counsel, and chairs of standing and special committees appointed by the Chair and Executive Committee.

C. Quorum
A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of voting members

D. Disqualification and Recall
An Executive Committee member disqualifies oneself from further service when found to have failed to perform the duties of one’s office or engaged in one of the following acts:

Endorses publicly, contributes financially to, or actively engages in, a campaign in opposition to the election of a candidate nominated by the Republican Party as provided for in the ORS.
Seeks the nomination of any other party or election as a non-affiliated candidate.

For either of the activities listed in this section to be disqualifying, it must be evidenced by one or more of the following:

A copy of organizational papers filed with the Marion County Elections, the State Elections and Public Records Division, or the Federal Elections Commission.
Organizational or campaign materials distributed by the supporters of an individual described in this section.
A copy of any contributions report of any committee organized exclusively for the support as a candidate of an individual described in this section on file with the Marion County Elections, the State Elections Board and the State Records Division, or the Federal Elections Commission.

Evidence of participation in the campaign of candidates forbidden by this section may include:

Sworn statements from persons with knowledge of such activities
Statements made by the individual to a member(s) of the Executive Committee
Writings in support of such candidate attributable to the individual
Other such evidence considered by the Executive Committee in the deliberation involving the decision to remove the person in question.

Any member of the MCRCC may file a petition for removal of an Executive Committee member with the MCRCC Secretary. A special meeting of the Executive Committee shall be called no later than 30 days after the date of the filing to consider the petition.

The member in question shall be allowed the opportunity to refute the allegations made in the petition at a Special Meeting of the Executive Committee called for the purpose of determining the validity of such allegations.

A recommendation to the MCRCC for removal of the member in question shall require a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee members present. The individual in question is barred from this vote and is not to be considered when determining the presence of a quorum.

The Executive Committee on its affirmative vote to the petition must refer the removal of a member of the Executive Committee to the MCRCC for consideration at a regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose.

Notice of the MCRCC meeting at which the removal of the Executive Committee member will be decided will be sent electronically or by USPS to the Executive Committee, members, and the Executive Committee member to be considered for removal, no later than 14 days prior to the meeting.

A quorum for the meeting at which the removal of an Executive Committee member is considered shall be a 2/3 majority of the members listed in the record of members in attendance at the call to order of the meeting and maintained by the Secretary.

Removal of a member of the Executive Committee requires a simple majority vote of the members present and eligible to vote at a regular or special meeting of the MCRCC called for that purpose.

The County Chair will present the findings of the Executive Committee at the meeting at which the removal of the member in question is considered. If the member in question is the County Chair, then the Vice-Chair will preside over the meeting. The member in question will be given an opportunity to offer information relative to the question of one’s removal or submit one’s resignation.

The Chair, or in the event the Chair is the member in question, the Vice-Chair, will then require a vote of the MCRCC on the removal from the Executive Committee of the member in question. If the vote is to remove the Executive Committee member, that member shall at that time surrender all documents and other materials in one's possession that are the property of the MCRCC. Should the vote not result in the removal of the member from the Executive Committee, the member shall resume one's duties.

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