PCP Position Description


Job Title:

Precinct Committee Person (PCP)


Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Get to know your Republican Neighbors (we'll even tell you who they are)

Answer their questions

Provide information on candidates and elections

Encourage them to vote!

Attend Marion County Central Committee Meetings

Get information that you can share

Meet and hear from candidates first hand

Vote for leadership positions at the county, state, and national level

Hone your skills through training and the PCP Manual

Want to do more? There are lots of other things you can do to help as a PCP!


Job Requirements:

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must live in the County

Must be a registered Republican for at least 180 days



Knowing that you've helped make a positive difference in Oregon

Getting your favorite Republican candidates elected

Having a say in the business of the County Party and what we stand for

Making new friends!


Marion County Republican Party
P.O. Box 12887 Salem, OR 97309-0887
Jeff Heyen 503-580-3912
[email protected]


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