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Commissioner Janet Carlson
Commissioner Janet Carlson
Photo courtesy of Marion County

Commissioner Carlson joined the Board upon her election in 2002 after five years of work at the state legislature. Following two sessions (1997 and 1999) administering the House Human Resources and House Children and Families committees, she won election to the legislature, representing her South Salem district, in 2000. Prior work in state government had been as a budget analyst for the Executive Department (1989-1991) and a regional coordinator for the State Commission on Children and Families (1991-1995).

She earned a Ph.D in special education and community resources at the University of Oregon in 1997. It is no surprise, then, that her past work with the State and now on the County Commission focuses on the well-being of children through strong families. She has attacked the problem of spreading methamphetamine use, significantly reducing the number of meth labs in the county. She led an effort to secure funding for a $450,000 grant to a mentoring program targeting at-risk youth. She successfully reorganized the children's commission to incorporate business expertise focused on children affected by methamphetamine use.


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