Rep. Jami Cate — Dist. 11


Rep. Jami Cate
State Rep. Jami Cate
Photo courtesy of the Oregon Legislature

In her first term. Rep. Jami Cate took care of business for her Linn and Marion constituents in House District 17. Redistricting shuffled the deck big time. While the new House District 11 boundary retains all of the Linn County portion, even expanding west to the Benton County line, the Marion County portion is greatly reduced and moved to the southwest corner to pick up Jefferson and Marion. It is a homogeneous district focused on agriculture, particularly grass seed, and overwhelmingly Republican. She captured 71% of the General Election vote on only 63% turnout.

In this 82nd Legislative Assembly, however, her committee assignments appear to play less to the interests of the district than her first term, although she did secure a seat on one of the two most powerful committees: Joint Committee On Ways and Means. Two assignments focus on government and legislative affairs: Joint Committee On Legislative Audits and Joint Committee On Legislative Research and Policy. She will join fellow Marion County Republican Rep. Kevin Mannix on the Joint Committee On Ways and Means Subcommittee On Transportation and Economic Development. Finally, she will serve on the House Committee On Housing and Homelessness.

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