Ice Cream Social

Hosted By:

With Special Appearance by
Knute Buehler, 
future GOP Oregon GOVERNOR

WHERE: Pringle Hall Community Center, 606 Church St SE, Salem
WHEN: Monday, September 24, 2018, 4:45pm – 7:15pm
RSVP required: (we need to know how much ice cream to have on hand) 

DETAILS: Lot and Street parking available all around the hall. Outside there are picnic tables, play equipment and grass for kids to run around. Inside we will have a room in case of weather issues. Feel free to bring a picnic dinner for you and your  family and then enjoy ice cream for dessert.

Engraved RSVP

COST: This is a Pay What you WANT event for the ice cream and park. Since Legislature is in session, elected officials cannot solicit dollars, so this is a fund raiser for the party. Contributions made in excess of building rental costs (minimal) go to elect local candidates we support.

Embossed RSVP

OTHER: Bring a postcard, or index card with your Number One Question for Knute. He will arrive at approximately 5:15, and will be with us for about ½ hour. One card per family.

Cut-Paper RSVP

QUESTIONS? Contact: Jessica Davidson


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