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Monday, March 23, 2015
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Rep. Bill Kennemer Sends Message To Oregonians: I Do Not Remember When I've Seen Such An Anti-Business Agenda

You know it's bad when DC Democrats start calling out Salem Democrats for their extreme agenda against employers and entrepreneurs.

Representative Bill Kennemer (R-Canby/Oregon City) today quoted Democratic Congressman Kurt Schrader on the Oregon House Floor, reading a portion of the Oregon congressman's interview with The Statesman Journal earlier this month.

"Our state is extremely unfriendly to business and we're getting worse."

Rep. Kennemer, who currently serves as Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Business and Labor, suggested that the committee might be renamed the "Committee on Labor and Labor", given the anti-business and anti-employer nature of many of the bills being pushed through the Legislature this session. He warned that placing new mandates on Oregon=92s employers and small businesses will ultimately hurt families, students and the next generation of business owners in Oregon.

"These, what I believe to be well-intended, bills damage the basic foundation and tenets of our economy, and ultimately, limit the taxes we have to serve Oregonians," said Rep. Kennemer.

While these bills may be well-intentioned, House Republicans will continue to offer alternative proposals that support both employers and employees without unnecessary interference from state government.

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