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A Message from Representative Bill Post



It's Summer but Fall is on the Way!

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to Summer 2018! My wife and I plan to go on another long motorcycle ride around Eastern and Southern Oregon as we did last summer. We saw so much wonderful country and met so many wonderful people, I just LOVE Oregon!

Still, I have a lot to do and so do you as voters in Oregon. The Fall will creep up on us so quickly and though that means some pretty cool things like College Football and falling leaves and crisp Fall air, it also means difficult election decisions.

Before those decisions have to be made, I wanted to update you on a few things that have been going on not necessarily inside the Legislature but also outside.

1 - Initiative Petitions:  There are many petitions looking to be on the November ballot. Here are a few that I am watching:

"Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortions" (IP 1) which you can learn more about HERE.  

"Stop Oregon Sanctuaries" (IP 22) which you can learn about HERE

And of course two that have received probably the most press: IP 43 and 44. IP 43 would essentially "confiscate" a whole lot of firearms and/or cause registration or destruction of those weapons. It's the most egregious attack on our Second Amendment rights in the history of our state. IP 44 would require gun locks and guns locked up but has no due process for those who might have a gun stolen or in some way taken. As of this writing, it appears IP 44 is dead and IP 43 is on life support as it's stuck in the Oregon Supreme Court with challenges to the ballot title and description. If it makes it to the signature gathering phase, the proponents must gather over 88,000 signatures by July 6. I'm keeping a close eye on this

2 - The "Special Session":  In May, right after the Primary, the Governor called the Legislature into a one day "special session". I still have no idea WHY, other than "political gamesmanship", but we gathered and we voted on House Bill 4301 and got out. It does save SOME businesses a bit in taxes but it didn't address the greater needs of Oregon business. You can read the bill HERE.

3 - Here are some things I am considering for the 2019 session should I be re-elected:

"Daylight Saving Time" — I want to do one or the other but not both!

"School Safety" — I have a plan for keeping our kids safe and not costing taxpayers more money.

"Home Rule for County Governmen" — More to come on this.

"Veterans' funding" — More to come on this

There are a few more issues "percolating" in my mind but I am always open to ideas from my constituents.

So, Summer is a great time to enjoy with your family but know that I am very much thinking about Fall and next January when the Legislature meets again for its regular session.

Here are a few pictures from the time since my last newsletter.

Here I was able to go on a tour of agricultural pesticide/herbicide spraying by helicopter, specifically for forest management. What an amazing job these guys do

This was the annual "Biker Safety Awareness" rally at the Capitol in May

Here's "Rosie the RV" and crew for the Keizer Iris Festival Parade

My friends the "Farm Girls" from around the mid-valley including Shelly Boshart Davis, who's running for House District 15 (Albany)


Now it's on to full time "campaign season". I have a Democrat General Election opponent. Plus I am doing all that I can to help get other Republicans elected to the House. Will you help me? I know so many reading this were very kind to send contributions to me at the end of 2017, but now I need everyone else to get involved! Please consider $50, $100 or more to my campaign for 2018. I will as always, be very careful with your donation....careful to spend it wisely (heck I'm using some of the same signs and materials from my FIRST campaign! I'm "fiscally conservative" or as my wife puts it: "cheapskate")

Just click the DONATE button below. You can use Debit or Credit (safe and secure) or find the address to send a check on that page.


Thank you again and don't forget, if you do not want to get these newsletters (and I promise I won't flood your "inbox"), click the "unsubscribe" button below.

State Representative
House District 25

I am proud and honored to be YOUR State Representative!

Upcoming Events:

July 4- Independence Day and I'll be in the St. Paul Rodeo Parade
August 15 - Bill and Kim's Excellent Golf Adventure Fundraiser

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