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Stay Informed, Stay Safe

My heart hurts for families throughout Oregon who have lost their homes, livestock, communities and much much more. My prayers and thoughts are with you as we pull together to get through this. I am so grateful for our first responders as they put their lives on the line to protect us. I am once again reminded how generous and kind our community can be when Oregonians are in need. I hope this newsletter will be helpful in locating information and resources. Please let me know if there is anything my office can do for you. Stay strong and be safe!


Bill Post
State Representative - HD 25


Oregon Wildfire Resources

Wildfire Map/Data

NW Large Fire Info Summary

Live Updates

Marion County Sheriff

Yamhill County Sheriff

Oregon Emergency Management

Evacuation Assistance

Western Oregon Evacuation Orders

** Oregon State Fairgrounds is offering sanctuary to animals and livestock (2330 17th St NE Salem, OR 97301, entrance on south side of fairgrounds)

** St. Paul Rodeo grounds is offering sanctuary for animals and livestock (call or text 719-440-7255)

** Salem Evangelical Church offering refuge for those evacuating (call 503-581-0102)

Pray for Oregon

Press Recap and Important Facts:

  • Governor Brown has called this a “Statewide Fire Emergency.” 
  • Expect greatest loss of human life and property due to wildfires in Oregon’s history.
  • Detroit, Vida, Phoenix, Talent, Blue River are substantially destroyed. Evacuations are being carried out throughout the state and more Oregonians will need to evacuate.
  • Currently, there are five Incident Management teams fighting 35 fires. The focus of the last 48 hours has been life safety. Multiple small fires continue to occur. Fires are driven by a cold front and Eastern wind. We have continued to see impressive high winds.
  • 300,000 acres are burning throughout the state. The State Fire Marshal has the authority to direct resources where needed.
  • Santiam Fire is all Level 3. Officials are monitoring the fire as it moves North.
  • In the West slope of the Cascades, winds are driving through canyons into Valley bottoms. We need to pay attention to this area.
  • Emerging and growing fire pushing into Clackamas County. Three fires in this area are likely going to combine into one. 
  • 100,000 acres are burning on Highway 26, Holiday Farm Fire. Winds driving fires down the valley. Valley has been evacuated.
  • Over the last 24 hours, significant fire activity on the coast, SW Oregon, and Jackson County.
  • The Almeda Fire has seen more than 15,000 acres burned. Significant evacuations are happening here.
  • West Slope of the Coast range, we are seeing wind pushing into Lincoln City, Bay City, and Tillamook
  • Latest Conflagration in the Southern Oregon fire. Fires from California coming into Oregon as well.
  • Office of State Fire Marshal continues to work at the local level.  All residents need to be prepared and understand levels 1, 2, and 3 for evacuation. Stay attuned to all Emergency management Messages.
  • Today is the last day that we are experiencing historic weather events. Winds have subsided, but on ridgetops and mountain passes there are still high gusts, also in Southern Oregon.
  • Tomorrow begins a hopeful change in weather conditions and give a change to be aggressive on reestablishing containment lines. Midday Thursday, cooler with more moist air, hope to maintain that condition through the weekend.
  • Officials are actively working to find information on missing people and number of fatalities. Focus right now is on containing the fires.
  • 7 aircraft available to support the fires and medivac capabilities.
  • No impact of COVID-19 seen yet in firefighting crews.
  • Request for help from other states have been made.
  • There has been a formal request from OSP for traffic control assistance and help protect personal property during evacuations.
  • Tips from Office Of Emergency Management:
    • If you are in a safe place, stay home.  Don’t take up resources or crowd the roads.
    • Prepare to evacuate if you are in an evacuation zone.  Priority is life safety.
    • Follow evacuation orders, go to evacuation points.  Prepare to leave ASAP if level 3 order comes in.
    • Take advantage of Red Cross, stay well application on website. Register with that system.
    • Register for county emergency alerts.  Do not return to evacuation area till reentry is permitted.

Only Call 9-1-1 if you see a fire or life threatening situation. Don’t call 9-1-1 about utility issues or vision of smoke.

email:  I  phone: 503-986-1425
address:  900 Court St NE, H-479, Salem, OR 97301



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