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A Message from Representative Bill Post



Fall is Here and I need Your Help!

I would normally fill this newsletter with events of the past couple of months and tell you about future legislation but as September draws to a close and November will be upon us quicker than we can imagine, I am flat out appealing to you!

Today I sent out about 400 letters to folks all over my district and in other parts of the state. I printed, signed, folded, stuffed and stamped all of them myself....because 1 - I'm obsessive compulsive! and 2 - I am a true "Fiscal Conservative" You might get that letter, but I also wanted to reach out to you electronically this way.

There is an opponent in the House District 25 race and he is raising money and challenging me in forums and online. That's good for our district but it means I have to spend more money to get the word out. I am being VERY careful with that money, using only what is absolutely necessary but it still takes more than I wish it did.

Now it's on to full time "campaign season". I have a Democrat General Election opponent. Plus I am doing all that I can to help get other Republicans elected to the House. Will you help me? I know so many reading this were very kind to send contributions to me at the end of 2017, 2016 and before, but now I need everyone else to get involved! Please consider $50, $100 or more to my campaign for 2018? I will as always, be very careful with your donation....careful to spend it wisely (heck I'm using some of the same signs and materials from my FIRST campaign!) I'm "fiscally conservative" or as my wife puts it: "cheapskate".) You can do it electronically with your debit or credit card or send a check and remember, if you make less than $200,000 a year in Oregon, you can use your Oregon Political Tax Credit of $50 per individual or $100 per couple and get every penny back on your taxes next year!

Here are a few pictures from the summer activities:

Keizer Iris Festival
Here's "rosie the rv" and crew for the Keizer Iris Festival Parade

St. Paul Rodeo
And at the St. Paul Rodeo Parade!

Newberg Old Fashioned Day
Here we are at the Newberg Old Fashioned Days Parade!

With Abbey Weekly

Sadly, I had to say "goodbye" to Betsy Schultz, my "right hand" in my office as she's gone on to other work but.... I found a GREAT new "right hand" in Abby Weekly!

Well anyway, before we can start the 2019 Legislative session....I have to win a campaign! Would you PLEASE help me?

Just click the DONATE button below. You can use Debit or Credit (safe and secure) or find the address to send a check on that page.


Thank you again and don't forget, if you do not want to get these newsletters (and I promise I won't flood your "inbox"), click the "unsubscribe" button below.

State Representative
House District 25

I am proud and honored to be YOUR State Representative!

Upcoming Events:

July 4- Independence Day and I'll be in the St. Paul Rodeo Parade
August 15 - Bill and Kim's Excellent Golf Adventure Fundraiser

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