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Forced Vaccinations

If you haven't heard about the vaccination bill, HB 3063, I might wonder what rock you've been living under for the past few months...but in all seriousness, HB 3063 has finally made its way to a vote on the House Floor this upcoming Monday at 11am. Despite the LARGEST grassroots campaign opposing the bill, the HUNDREDS of emails I've received in opposition, and over 2,700 testimonies on OLIS pleading legislators to vote looks like the bill will be moving forward. Opponents of this bill feel silenced as they attempt to meet with legislators and share their concerns. Everyday this week when I drove into the Capitol garage, I was greeted by Oregonians for Medical Freedom sharing their opposition to the bill. They greeted legislators each morning with oranges and donuts, and a "please oppose HB 3063" sign. I remain vocal in my opposition and hope to see the bill fail on the House Floor.

With silenced opponents
Pictured with opponents of HB 3063 who illustrate how they've been silenced by placing tape over their mouths

Excited for more taxes? You got it!

Yesterday, the House Floor voted on HB 3427 from 11am-6pm...needless to say it was a long day. HB 3427, from the Joint Committee on Student Success, funds "student success" by taxing working families, raising $2.8 billion! HB 3427 will tax businesses on their sales, not profits, making it even harder for businesses to thrive in Oregon. We all agree that funding education should be a top priority, but this is not the way. Unfortunately, back door deals and discussions were had without ever involving the minority party. HB 3427 will go to the Senate for a vote next week.

On a positive note...

HB 2303, my sudafed bill, is scheduled for a public hearing and possible work session on May 8th in the Senate Committee on Judiciary. If you could send testimony in support of the bill to that would be greatly appreciated! Let's bring sudafed available for purchase behind the counter!

With Honorary Page Sean Miller
Pictured with constituent, Sean Miller, who participated in the Honorary Page Program at the Capitol! If you have time, make sure you sign up for this awesome program!

As always, thank you for your continued support and Go Dodgers!

State Representative Bill Post
House District 25

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