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A Message from Representative Bill Post



It's been a very busy year and I've once again been honored to serve you in the Oregon Legislature. Whether you live in my House District or not, you are very special. I thank you!

I am so glad that the elections are over and we can all get back to some sort of "normal" life! I am very grateful that the voters returned me to the Oregon House for another term. I am, of course, very saddened to lose by retirement and by the election, several of my fellow Republican caucus members.

As you may or may not know, we are now facing a critical time in Oregon. The House is now 38-22 Democrat Super Majority and the Senate is 18-12. This means that the Majority party can pass ANYTHING that they'd like to pass for the most part. That means new taxes and of course assaults on your Constitutional rights! I don't take this lightly.

Already we have seen the Governor's proposed budget (Click HERE to read) and read a summary from the Oregonian HERE.
There is a move to take back your "kicker" refund. Read about it HERE.
And of course "Cap and Trade" is back in full force. Read a summary HERE.

So, I'll be busy trying to do whatever I can to help YOU the good people of Oregon. I'm keeping busy with my district work right now and preparing for the 2019 session. Here are some samples:

This is the Traffic Safety Meeting in St. Paul

Teaching Civics and legislative history to a group from Keizer

Speaking at a "Veterans First" Rally in September

This is the US Capitol Christmas tree skirt that several Oregon farmers quilted and I was able to secure its return to Oregon after Christmas. They asked me to sign it!

Now here it is:  Once again, at the end of another calendar year I am asking for your help! There is a GREAT way for you to "stick it to government" in Oregon: The Oregon Political Tax Credit! It's the ONLY time YOU get to decide where YOUR money a PAC like mine, or to the State of Oregon...either way you pay somebody, why not choose to help me help Oregon?

That's why it is SO important to have common-sense State Legislators like me and several others in that Capitol but I/we can't do it alone.

Once again, the Oregon Democrats, backed by their public employee union friends and the environmental and anti-gun communities, have steamrolled their way over the average Oregonian. Portland truly tells ALL of us what we will or won't do. YOU can help fight that AND get a tax break at the same time!

You can give $100 for joint tax filers or $50 for individuals to an Oregon political organization (like "Friends of Bill Post") and that amount will be credited back to you when you file. It's basically "free money", either the State of Oregon spends it or YOU spend it! You WILL get it back when you file your 2018 taxes! You can use your debit or credit card securely OR you can mail to the address on the link to donate below!

When we come together we are much more powerful than when we act alone. Thank you for your continued support, prayers and encouragement. May God bless you and your family and again I wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just click the DONATE button below. You can use Debit or Credit (safe and secure) or find the address to send a check on that page. DON'T MISS OUT ON THE POLITICAL TAX CREDIT IF YOU LIVE IN OREGON!! YOU MUST GIVE BEFORE 12/31/18 TO GET IT BACK ON YOUR TAXES IN 2019!

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Thank you again and don't forget, if you do not want to get these newsletters (and I promise I won't flood your "inbox"), click the "unsubscribe" button below.

State Representative
House District 25

I am proud and honored to be YOUR State Representative!

Upcoming Events:

Dec. 12-15 — Legislative Days in the Capitol
Jan. 14 — Start of 2019 Legislative Session

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