Greg Warnock — Senate Dist 11

Greg WarnockMarion County Republican Greg Warnock faces the unenviable task of taking out the long-time Democrat incumbent and longest-serving Senate President, Peter Courtney. While in most years the odds would be virtually insurmountable, this year holds a ray of hope. People and groups supporting the National Popular Vote Compact have set their sights on defeating the senator. Mr. Warnock is the beneficiary of that effort.

Greg owns a business that is on the threshold of solving one of the biggest problems with alternative energy production:  storage. Greg promotes substantial, renewable energy advancement through public/private investment, and good public policy, rather than the model of regulatory mandates and political idealism currently coming from the Democrats. Commercial viability will promote the benefits of sustainability much faster than will regulation.

His campaign is proving that he is a tremendous fit for the district and that he can offer real solutions to the legislature that has long struggled. His thorough exposition of the issues on his web site reveals a deeply thoughtful person who is absolutely ready to take on the challenges awaiting in the Capitol. The Independent Party of Oregon did not field a candidate in this race; Greg Warnock received the most write-in votes to receive the nomination.

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