Sen. Fred Girod — Dist. 9


Sen. Fred Girod
State Senator Fred Girod
Photo courtesy of the Oregon Legislature

Sen. Fred Girod is certainly not a career politician. His first service in the Legislature was in the House for the 1993 session. When he lost in the 1994 Republican primary for Congress, he chose not to run again until 2006, winning election for a second term in the House. When Senator Roger Beyer chose to resign in 2008, Sen. Girod was appointed to fill the seat by the County Commissioners of Marion, Linn, and Clackamas after being selected by the members of the Republican central committees who reside in the district. He won election to the seat that November; he easily won re-election in both 2012 and 2016.

For the 2013 session, Sen. Girod continued on the Business and Transportation Committee and the Joint Ways and Means Committee as well as its sub-committee on Education. He served as Co-Chair for the Joint Ways and Means Sub-committee On Capital Construction.

For the 78th Legislative Assembly (2015-16), Sen. Girod was promoted to Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Business and Transportation. He continued in his roles on the Joint Committee on Ways and Means and its Sub-Committee on Capitol Construction. He joined fellow Marion County Republicans Sen. Brian Boquist and Rep. Bill Kennemer on the Joint Committee on Health Insurance Transition.

Sen. Girod will have precious little office or free time during the 79th Legislative Assembly while serving on six committees. He continues on all three committees from last session, although he dropped the vice-chair role on the Business and Transportation Committee. In addition, he will join freshman Marion County Republican Rep. Rick Lewis on the Joint Committee on Ways & Means Subcommittee on Natural Resources as well as two new Joint Committees:  On Transportation Preservation & Modernization (along with Marion County Republicans Sen. Jackie Winters and Sen. Brian Boquist) and On Legislative Administration.

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