An Endorsement in HD 21


Receiving Endorsements and Running Hard


This week I was honored to receive the endorsement of former House Republican Leader and now Republican Nominee for Oregon Governor Christine Drazan! I, of course, endorsed her as well.

Drazan endorses

I attended the Blanchet Catholic School's graduation ceremony last Saturday. As the founder of Blanchet, it was once again very gratifying to see these young people move on to the next phase of their lives. Below is a recent picture I took with students when I visited the school.

With Blanchet students

I've been very busy with my law practice of course and in fact will have some news very soon about a new trial case I'll be working on. You can see it on my Facebook page soon. In fact, much of what I'm doing is on that page, so I hope you'll visit and "follow" me there!

June and July are the months when a campaign does the really hard work of trying to raise the funds necessary to get out the vote in the fall. We also have been building our team. We really have a great team of staff and volunteers here at #TeamMannix!

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