Crumpacker Gains Oregonian Endorsement

This piece is adapted from an editorial endorsement in the Oregonian Sunday, 17 April 2022 also endorsing the incumbent Representative from CD 5.

The Oregonian OIn an editorial endorsement lauding the willingness of the candidates to buck the Party dogma, The Oregonian announced its recommendations in the hotly-contested primary contests in Oregon's 5th Congressional District. The endorsements were placed against a depiction of the district with a "significantly different electorate due to last year’s redrawing of boundaries" but with a "mix [of voter affiliations that] remains roughly the same" as before. 

Below is the half of the editorial that focuses on Republican Jimmy Crumpacker. Note that the editorial staff interviewed only two of the five candidates via Zoom — Messrs. Crumpacker and Di Paola — and, as noted in the last paragraph below, did not receive written responses to their questions from all the candidates. One can read the entire endorsement including that for the incumbent at

Jimmy CrumpackerAbout two decades ago, Jimmy Crumpacker went to work as an intern for former Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith with a plan to enter politics. After a lengthy detour into business, where he worked on Wall Street before returning to Oregon and running his own energy investment firm, the seventh-generation Oregonian is getting back to his plan. Among the five Republicans running in the primary for the 5th Congressional District, Crumpacker stands out as the best candidate to go forward in November.

Crumpacker, 43, highlights curtailing inflation and ensuring energy independence among his priorities. He homes in on federal spending, noting the vulnerabilities of a country with $30 trillion in debt – some of which is owed to oil-producing foreign governments that may not have the U.S.’ interests at heart. But energy independence, he argues, also calls for building more pipelines to support North American oil and gas production as a more effective alternative to transportation by train and truck. He’s also not afraid to mention his support for small-scale nuclear power projects as a clean energy source, reflecting his willingness to tackle controversial alternatives in the fight against climate change.

His priorities match those of other Republicans here in Oregon and nationally – from opposing new large-scale spending on social programs to his objections that the House investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection has become a “political witch hunt.” But he shows independence from his party as well. He affirmed that Biden was fairly elected, adding that he trusts that the Supreme Court with “the strongest conservative majority in living memory would have acted if they did not believe there was election integrity” in his written responses to the editorial board’s endorsement questionnaire.

He also pointed to his support for the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement from which President Donald Trump withdrew U.S. participation and which was unpopular among Republicans. The agreement, Crumpacker said, would have both strengthened Oregon exports of agricultural and forest-products while isolating China and bolstering other allies in Asia.

Crumpacker’s most significant opposition in the crowded field is likely to come from former Happy Valley Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer, who declined to submit responses to our questionnaire and whose campaign website fails to show much substance in addressing the national issues that a congressional representative should consider. Republicans looking for their strongest challenger for the general election should vote for Crumpacker.


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