Political Contribution Credit

While most of us gladly anticipate escaping 2020, please take advantage of one final opportunity to get something back from this year. If you believe that the governor has taken everything from you, you can at least reclaim $50 of your taxes that will otherwise be given to Kate Brown to spend on whatever she pleases.

Cut your tax bill
Think of it like this: The Democrat government is donating to the Republican Party

That's right! Taxpayers have no control over how most of their tax dollars are spent except for $50, thanks to the Oregon Political Contribution Credit.

When you pay income taxes in Oregon, you can give $50 to a political action committee (PAC) of your choice and that full amount will be credited back to you when you file taxes next year! Couples who file jointly can claim the $50 for each spouse — a full $100 — even if only one spouse earned and is reporting income.

This is your one opportunity to take money from Kate Brown and spend it on the political cause most important to you! Will you push back against her authoritarian agenda by supporting Marion County Republicans?

Support Marion County Republicans

Time is running out for you to make this valuable donation. This money is used to pay the rent for our office and "keeping the lights on", as well as providing support for our candidates' 2021 campaigns. Even if you’ve all ready fulfilled your tax credit obligation, simply consider a contribution to us as an opportunity to enjoy a discount. Don't let the busy season of Christmas and New Year's celebrations prevent you from claiming your Political Contribution Credit!

Remember, donations MUST be made by Dec. 31st or you will NOT be eligible to claim the Political Contribution Credit on your 2020 Oregon income tax return.

Will you contribute right now with a donation of $50, $100 or more? Visit our website to donate!

And onward to 2021


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