Officers and Delegates

Results in Marion County from the 2020 elections prove the efficacy of the leadership team's focus on matters of local government entities. But the next election is now under way. The team will seek out and recruit individuals to stand for election to school boards, mass transit boards, city councils, etc. Since Marion County is the seat of the state capital, Marion County Republicans will also be a key player in citizen lobbying efforts during the next session of the legislature.


The leaders most responsible for getting the party ready for the next election and managing its affairs are always looking for the breakthrough that defines their success. The team listed here promotes how easy it is to support the party with the 3 for $4 program and purchasing merchandise at our office co-hosted with the Oregon Republican Party. The chair and vice-chair also sit on the state Republican Central Committee.

Chair Mike AdamsChair Mike Adams is famous throughout the Salem/Keizer area for his rib, No, that is not a typo:  His restaurant, contrary to much popular usage, is named Adam's Rib Smokehouse, not Ribs, on purpose. If you have any questions, please refer to Genesis 2:21-23. But, also, please be aware that his wife's name is not Eve.

Long operating behind the scenes, catering events like Gathering of the Eagles and a Timber Unity rally at the Capitol in 2019, Mike only recently took the step, with his wife, to become PCPs for 787 and 783 in the rural area southeast of Salem toward Aumsville and Turner. With his restaurants he has served on the boards of directors for both Salem and Keizer chambers of commerce. He is now ready to direct MCR as it continues to be a powerful political voice in the Willamette Valley for conservative policies.

Jessica DavidsonVice-Chair Jessica Davidson received a surprise from Marion County Elections in 2014 informing her that she had won the election as a PCP for 404 in Keizer. It turned out that her neighbor, State Senator Kim Thatcher, and her family, had written in Jessica's name on the PCP ballot since it was otherwise blank. She accepted the calling and has been running strong ever since. In the summer of 2016, she attended the Cleveland convention as an Alternate Delegate for CD 5. She stepped into the role of vice-chair in 2018 on the strength of her strong organizational skills displayed at the helm of the Events Committee. Those skills have been confirmed as she has shepherded volunteers to staff the office and turn the sale of merchandise into a fundraising juggernaut. Her political horizons also expanded this year when she was elected Vice-chair of CD 5.

Sandy KelloggSecretary Sandi Kellogg moved to Oregon six years ago from Idaho. Sandi saw many issues facing her new state of residence, recognizing the consequences of overwhelming control by Democrats. These issues included gun control, loss of right to life, and high taxation bills. She decided to attend her county GOP meeting and was hooked. She knew that she needed to help out where and when she could. Sandi researched what it meant to be a PCP, asked to be appointed, and received that appointment; she was elected in 2020. She has also volunteered with several events including the ORP booth at the 2019 state fair. She was a delegate at the ORP Platform convention and helped draft the platform on education that was presented to the group. She has 20+ years of experience as a nurse and believes that she can continue to help our Marion County Republican Party as the secretary. 

Treasurer Ron MittsTreasurer Ron Mitts stepped up in 2015 to fulfill the unexpired term of the previous treasurer when she discerned that she could no longer successfully juggle her professional, family, and Party functions. The treasurer's role carries unique fiduciary and reporting responsibilities that make him liable for any failure to satisfy strict legal requirements enforced by the Secretary of State, meaning he could face significant jail time. Ron lives the conservative Christian principles he so strongly believes. He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, free markets, and limited government. For the last 23 years, Ron has been a small business owner, traveling the country assisting businesses set up their accounting systems. When he is not roaming the country, you will be able to find him working precinct 787 in SE Salem with his wife Becky.


The four people listed here have the responsibility, along with the chair and vice-chair, to represent the county party on the State Central Committee. The size of the county's delegation is based on the number of voters who have registered as Republicans in the county. Marion County's delegation of six is one of the larger.

Wes ButlerThe "go-to guy" for anything dealing with home-schooling, Wes Butler views and experiences so much of conservative and Republican polity through the prism of education. His friendly, disarming, and relaxed demeanor mask a passionate advocate for limited-government principles — especially when it comes to dismantling government schools — and a revival of republican (note the small "r") governance by representative servants. He shares with the delegation and MCR Executive team his wealth of historical experience, being one of the longest-serving PCPs in the county. At the November 2020 organizational meeting he was elected to be the 1st Alternate Delegate. He is completing the term of Raisa Piatkoff who moved to Clackamas County at the end of 2021.

Davis DyerDavis Dyer has been a Keizer PCP since 1988. He established the Party's web presence with its domain and web site in 2007. He continues as the webmaster. He also helps administer both the Facebook page and group that serve as communications portals to reach Republicans throughout the county. He is "by faith a believer in Christ Jesus as Lord, legally a Constitutionalist, ideologically a conservative, and by affiliation proud to be a member of the Republican Party." In addition to responsibilities to MCR and the state party, he will be busy analyzing legislation for OCL as the leader of the Energy and Transportation Team. With no net change to the legislature arising out of the 2020 election, the outlook for anything approaching reasonably conservative bills is not good.

James HutchesJames Hutches is a new PCP from Keizer. An agent for a major insurance company, he is an active member of the Keizer Chamber of Commerce. He moved into this Delegate slot as the "next in line" when the former Delegate stepped down. Along with Chairman Adams, he provides a valuable link to the Marion County business community. His interests range far and wide — as they must being the father of two growing children. He is committed to making his community a better place to live, both for himself and all those around him.

Jessica SnookJessica Snook has "known she wanted to be involved in politics since 7th grade" in 2008. She graduated from Western Oregon University with a degree in political science in 2017. At that year's Oregon State Fair she stationed herself beside the ORP booth to collect signatures on the petition seeking to refer a bill to tax medical providers. That led to discussions with MCR volunteers and she accepted the invitation to become a PCP. Since then she has taken on the task of organizing and training PCPs, served as an Alternate Delegate, interned for a short time with Knute Buehler's 2018 campaign for governor, and managed Marty Heyen's 2018 campaign for HD 22. She currently works in the Capitol; she has just finished a stint in the House Republican office, having previously worked for Rep. Werner Reschke. She will work in newly-elected freshman Rep. Jami Cate's (Dist. 17) office for the 2021 and 2022 sessions. So much for getting involved in politics, eh?

Alternate Delegates

If any member of the delegation is unable to attend an Oregon Republican Central Committee meeting or other state convention (like the party platform convention) one of these listed here will step in to take that delegate's place.

Deborah Butler
Deborah Butler
Ken Outfleet
Ken Outfleet
Carol Williams
Carol Williams
Jenn Toth
Brenda Faver


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