County Officers and Delegates

Now that Federal leadership is settled for a couple of years and given the impact on our daily lives exerted by our immediate surroundings (along with the much lesser impact of the Federal), the leadership team intends to focus on matters of local government entities. The team will seek out and recruit individuals to stand for election to school boards, water conservation district boards, mass transit boards, city councils, the county commission, etc. Since Marion County is the seat of the state capital, Marion County Republicans will also be a key player in citizen lobbying efforts during the next session of the legislature.


The leaders most responsible for getting the party ready for the next election and managing its affairs are always looking for the breakthrough that defines their success. The team listed here promotes how easy it is to support the party with the 3 for $4 program. The chair and vice-chair also sit on the state Republican central committee.

Chair Jeff HeyenChair Jeff Heyen was born and raised in Salem, He is an elected PCP for 357 (NE Salem) and served the last four years (two terms) as vice-chair. In 2016 he was also elected vice-chair for Congressional District 5. In that position he will represent Republicans residing in Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Lincoln and Tillamook counties on the ORP Executive and Central committees. "I'm here because I want my country back!" he exclaims. "I'm a business owner and an infrastructure guy both in the IT world and in the organizations I serve, so I support using technology to create organization and facilitate networking with those [who are our allies]."

In addition to his commitment to the Marion County Republicans, Jeff:

  • has 20 years of community involvement
  • is a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member & is on the Salem-area CERT Steering Committee
  • is a Patriot Guard Rider — honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom
  • is an active member of Oregon III% and leader at People's Church

Vice-chair Maria DelaneyVice-Chair Maria Delaney, while new to Marion County Republicans,is no novice to community involvement. She has served her South Gateway Neighborhood Association as both a board member and secretary. She and her husband, Dean, belong to Salem's III% chapter, which is where Jeff Heyen met and recruited them to become PCPs for 341.

"I am a Christian, a constitutionalist, and a Patriot. I am also a child of adoption so the pro-life movement is particularly important to me. As a constitutionalist, I believe in the integrity of the Constitution and the God-given rights it [protects]. Our country needs to return to the Constitution as our forefathers intended . . . . I will work tirelessly to continue to strengthen Marion County in this endeavor."

Sec Sandy MuncySecretary Sandy Muncy first saw the need for political involvement beyond voting about 20 years ago while living in Tennessee. She founded and developed the Bradley County chapter of Tennessee Right to Life and served as its president. That led to a position with TRTL as Southeast Field Representative. She organized eight county chapters and recruited and trained leaders to educate their communities on life issues through statewide projects. Just prior to returning to Salem in 2010, she served on the TRTL board and its Legislative Endorsement Committee.

With 20+ years of experience in administration, office management, clerical support, communication, reception, accounting, customer/client services and sales with various agencies, companies and organizations, Sandy is happy to chronicle the activities of MCRCC. She is the only PCP for 333 (SE Salem).

Treasurer Ron MittsTreasurer Ron Mitts stepped up in 2015 to fulfill the unexpired term of the previous treasurer when she discerned that she could no longer successfully juggle her professional, family, and Party functions. The treasurer's role carries unique fiduciary and reporting responsibilities that make him liable for any failure to satisfy strict legal requirements enforced by the Secretary of State, meaning he could face significant jail time. Ron lives the conservative Christian principles he so strongly believes. He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, free markets, and limited government. For the last 23 years, Ron has been a small business owner, traveling the country assisting businesses set up their accounting systems. When he is not roaming the country, you will be able to find him working precinct 787 in SE Salem with his wife Becky.


The four people listed here have the responsibility to, along with the chair and vice-chair, represent the county party on the state central committee. The size of the county's delegation is based on the number of voters who have registered as Republicans in the county. Marion County's delegation of six is one of the larger.

Karen DarnellKaren Darnell and her husband, former Marion County Republican Chair David, reside in Hubbard. Karen is active in the community, having run for seats on both North Marion School Board and Hubbard Fire District. She is a natural medicine practitioner; she even travelled to China during her studies. She is an advocate for natural resource management as the owner of a gold mine in southern Oregon.

Jessica DavidsonJessica Davidson received a surprise from Marion County Elections in 2014 informing her that she had won election as a PCP for 404 in Keizer. It turned out that her neighbor, State Senator Kim Thatcher, and her family, had written in Jessica's name on the PCP ballot since it was otherwise blank. She accepted the calling and has been running strong ever since. In 2015, when an Alternate Delegate had to step down, MCRCC appointed Jessica to fulfill the rest of the term. As a Bonus Delegate to the 2015 ORP Platform Convention she led the charge to include a plank on government transparency. In the summer of 2016 she attended the Cleveland convention as an Alternate Delegate for CD 5. Finally, she chairs the Events Committee for Marion County Republicans.

Carol WilliamsCarol Williams is a new PCP from the Silverton area (precinct 684). She is a native Oregonian and has lived in several communities:  Born in Salem, raised in Woodburn, she volunteered on the planning commission in Canyonville during the early '90s and later landed in Hillsboro where she was a mediator with the city's Community Mediation Program and the Washington County court system for fifteen years. She was first elected PCP in 2016 and was elected by the central committee to be an alternate delegate. She moved into a delegate role as a spot opened. Always willing to volunteer, Carol is also vice-chair of the Events Committee with Jessica Davidson. Her spirit is infectious; this year she persuaded her husband to join her on the central committee.

Wes ButlerLong content to remain largely in the background in regard to party politics and focus on raising his family and working in his precinct, Wes Butler stepped up this year to be elected as an alternate delegate. As those elected to delegate positions ahead of him resigned, he moved into the final delegate spot. Along with fellow Silverton PCP Carol Williams, he will serve until the organization meeting in November 2018. His fervent advocacy for home schools brings a welcome perspective toward education policy.


Alternate Delegates

If any member of the delegation is unable to attend an Oregon Republican Central Committee meeting or other state convention (like the party platform convention) one of these listed here will step in to take that delegate's place.

Jon Baker
Jonathan Baker
Davis Dyer
Davis Dyer

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