Convention letter

Marion County Republicans

Marion County Republicans

Fellow PCP —

The first opportunity to exercise the authority you earned by being elected to the office of Precinct Committee Person this last 19 May arrives soon on Saturday, 20 June. Participation at this convention is by invitation only:  Your Certificate of Election from the Marion County Clerk's office is that key to the kingdom.

Below are explanations of the three parts to the convention meeting. You will note that there will be no nominating candidates from the floor for delegates to the national convention. You may believe that there is really little you will end up doing other than giving your "rubber stamp" to something all ready decided. But that would just sell the whole experience short. 74 Oregon Republicans applied for the opportunity to represent the state at the national convention. We will pare that to 50.

Only five (5) people filed for the seven (7) elector positions. The ORP Executive Committee is recommending that the Central Committee suspend Art. XVIII §C(6) for the convention to allow nominations from the floor. All seven positions will be up for grabs, assuming more than two additional candidates are nominated. Prepare for fun.

Selection of Oregon Republican delegates & Alternates to Republican National Convention (24-27 August 2020)

  • Primary stated action to be completed at this meeting
  • All PCPs elected at May election eligible and encouraged to participate
  • All candidates for 25 delegate and 25 alternate delegate positions have filed (by 6 May) and are being vetted by the Trump campaign. All delegates and alternates are pledged to President Trump. There are no nominations from the floor
  • Positions divided between at-large/statewide (10 positions) and the five Congressional Districts (3 positions each; 15 total)
    • At-large delegates selected by entire assembly
    • CD delegates selected during district break-out session by members of CD only
  • Oregon sends 28 delegates to national convention to include State Chairman (Bill Currier), National Committeeman (Solomon Yue) and National Committeewoman (Chris Barreto). These three are also pledged to the president
  • In addition to confirming President Donald Trump as 2020 Republican candidate for president, delegates and alternates participate in committees that set RNC policy for the campaign and the 2020-2024 national Republican Party platform

Selection of Oregon Republican presidential electors

  • Presidential electors from all 50 States and District of Columbia (538 total) are the only people to actually cast votes for president and vice-president. Oregon is allotted seven electors — one each for our five members of the House of Representatives and two senators [ORS 248.360(1)]
  • Federal elected officials representing this State and Federal employees are ineligible to be an elector [U.S. Constitution, Art. II, §1(2)]
  • Each political party that qualifies a candidate for president on the Oregon ballot must select seven electors [ORS 248.355(1)]
  • Oregon voters indicate their preference for president on 3 November 2020, directing the winning slate of electors to cast its seven votes for that candidate when they convene in Salem on or about 12 December. Only the slate of the winning candidate casts Oregon's seven votes [ORS 248.360(2)]
  • Oregon law requires all seven electors to cast their votes for their party's candidate [ORS 248.355(2)]
  • Section 1, Chapter 356, Oregon Laws 2019 (National Popular Vote interstate compact) is not operative for the 2020 presidential election
  • President Trump's re-election campaign committee believes Oregon is in play this year for a Republican pick-up
  • Only five candidates for seven positions have filed (by 6 May). There will be nominations from the floor

Election of Congressional District officers

  • Congressional District (CD) officers include:  Chair, Alternate Chair, Vice-Chair, Alternate Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  • CD Chair and Vice-Chair are members of the ORP Executive Committee. They are also members of the State Central Committee
  • Term of office is four years
  • CD Committee is responsible to organize and coordinate activities that fall beyond the reach of a single county in the district. Such activities could include:  candidate recruitment and support/debates, volunteer/PCP training, communications, district conventions
  • CD Committee works with county central committees to promote Republican interests throughout district
  • All candidates for the six positions have filed (by 6 May). There are no nominations from the floor. Review the following candidates (No one filed for these positions from Polk, Lincoln, Benton, or Tillamook counties):
    • Chair — David Darnell (Marion); Margie Hughes (Clackamas)
    • Alt Chair — Jeff Heyen (Marion);  Margie Hughes (Clackamas)*
    • Vice-Chair — Jessica Davidson (Marion); Lynette Wyrick (Multnomah)
    • Alt-Vice — Les Poole (Clackamas); Jessica Davidson (Marion)*; Lynette Wyrick (Multnomah)*
    • Secretary — Jessica Snook (Marion)
    • Treasurer — Ron Mitts (Marion)

(* — if not elected to primary office (Chair or Vice-Chair), will seek election as Alternate)

Because it is much too late to find an alternate venue to hold an in-person meeting, the convention will be virtual. Watch for communications from the ORP regarding registration to reserve your spot. 

In liberty,

Marion County Republicans


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