Mom in Charge


I'm a mom, and I will always stand by our kids, our teachers, and our schools to ensure our kids receive the best education we can provide.

Not Tina Kotek.

Instead of defending parents, instead of defending our kids — and instead of ensuring our schools stayed open during the pandemic — Tina Kotek did everything but that, keeping our schools closed longer than anywhere else in the nation. That did significant harm to our kids; last month's state test results prove it.

Even with record funding for our public education system, Oregon's high school graduation rate remains one of the worst in the nation. Student achievement rates, too, continually lag behind the national average

…and by keeping our schools closed longer than anywhere else in the nation
, Tina Kotek threw our kids under the bus.

That should disqualify anyone from public office, but no, instead, Tina Kotek wants a promotion.

Our kids deserve so much better, but the current system puts the interests of bureaucrats and their misguided priorities ahead of student learning. They're too focused on teaching kindergartners progressive political agendas rather than how to read, write, and do math. It has to end.

Our kids don’t need more of the same failed leadership, they need a new direction. As Governor, I am committed to getting parents back in and politics out of our classrooms.

Your support here and now is CRITICAL to making that a reality — and to kicking Tina Kotek out of the classroom.

We’re twenty-seven days from Election Day and ballots are set to drop any day now! Since Oregon is 100% vote-by-mail, our election is GUARANTEED to be decided well before November 8thmeaning I need your support NOW!

If every Oregonian ready to put our kids first instead of dangerous special interests gave just $27, we’ll not only maintain but EXPAND our narrow lead in this race. This race will come down to turnout, and every bit of support matters — especially when National Democrats are throwing MILLIONS behind Tina Kotek to save her capsizing campaign.

Would you answer my call-to-action and give $27 to help me stay ahead of Tina? We won’t get a redo, so I hope you’ll answer the call.

Thank you for your support

Christine Drazan


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