Fire Tina


It was STANDING ROOM ONLY for my latest campaign rally on Tuesday, with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. Check out some of the rally photos here!

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It was such a thrill and an honor to speak with thousands of passionate Oregonians who are ready to lead our state in a new direction, and end Tina Kotek's career in politics..

Are you?

With just nineteen days until ballots are due, I hope you are, because if just one Oregonian sits out this TOSSUP race, we're certain to lose.

Our state deserves so much more than another forty years of Democrat-led decline, and that’s exactly what Oregon will get with Tina Kotek.

As Speaker, Tina had a DECADE to solve Oregon's problems — homelessness, crime, affordability, education — and what does she have to show for it? Nothing.

You don't give promotions to employees who stand with the felons, looters and rioters who terrorize your business. You fire them. With only 19 days until ballots are due, rush $19 and you'll FIRE Tina Kotek PERSONALLY.

Oregon is ready for change, and that's what I'll bring on day one as your next Governor. I'll fire each and every one of Kate Brown's disastrous and activist department heads and I'll hand the reins of Oregon's government, back to Oregonians.

With so little time left, and with Oregonians already casting their ballots — I hope you're ready to FIRE Tina Kotek and the radical Democrats who've destroyed a state we love. It's time we take it back, and only YOU can help us do just that.

Thank you for your support

Christine Drazan


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