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SALEM — 6 September — Each and every day, our campaign continues to grow – and today is no different!

Today, I'm proud to announce that our campaign has been endorsed by the Oregon Farm Bureau.Help us keep growing by rushing $5 through this secure link ➡️

Oregon is blessed to have farmers who manufacture, harvest, raise and ship high quality, safe products worldwide. But too often, political agendas and bureaucratic hurdles get in the way of what is best for Oregon families in rural communities.

As Governor, I'll…

✅ Manage our working lands effectively while preserving our commitment to our environment.

✅ Actively manage forests to mitigate the likelihood of megafires, which reduces carbon emissions, protects water quality and strengthens the economy.

✅ Support local communities’ water needs and advance efforts to manage water, including investing in storage and conservation.

✅ Veto attacks on the agricultural community to protect responsible farming and ranching practices and preserve family-owned farms, nurseries and ranches.

✅ Support thriving fisheries and resource stewardship, including the modernization of hatcheries, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

November's election will decide whether Oregon moves forward–or continues going backwards. We won't get a redo, so I hope you'll act, and help #TeamDrazan continue growing..

Just $5 from you, your family, or a friend helps secure our lead in this TOSS UP race.. Isn't that worth ending decades of Democrat decline? It's time Oregon's government answered to Oregonians, and I'm the candidate to make it happen!

In a slightly different vein, while endorsements play an important role to move our campaign forward and spread our message — read more about my endorsements at the websitethis incredible campaign wouldn't be possible without our incredible volunteers.

Volunteers with campaign signs

They're the reason we've taken this race from SAFELY DEMOCRAT to TOSS UP — and I have just one thing to say: "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" Would you chip in $16 and help me surprise them with a pizza this weekend?

Volunteers in office

I'm reaching out today to see if you would join me in thanking them for their hard work, and their determination to see our state led in a new direction. Would you chip in $16 and help me surprise them with a pizza this weekend?

Our volunteers have been out doorknocking and barnstorming in each and every corner of Oregon — they're the reason we're building the coalition of Republicans, Independents and Democrats to beat this election — and they're the reason we'll elect Oregon's FIRST MODERN GOP Governor.

Thank you for your support,

Christine Drazan

P.S. If you’re interested in volunteering, use this link to get in touch ➡️



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