It All Comes Down to Choice


As I've traveled to every corner of this state, Oregonians have shared with me their hopes and dreams, their fears and their frustrations. So many have told me that this is it — that "we can’t do this anymore".

So, in my closing ad, I have but one question for you — give it a watch.

Closing message


If the answer to my question is "No", then join me! Only together will we lead our state in a new direction and end Kate Brown and Tina Kotek's decades-long, single-party grip on Oregon.

This is our moment, our one chance to turn our state around for the better — and if you're ready to do just that, I need your support and your vote. With FOUR DAYS until Election Day, can I count on your support of $14 one last time to 🔒 SECURE Oregon's HISTORIC comeback?

I jumped into this race because decades of decline and radical Democrat policies have kept a state I love down and out for far too long — and I hope you feel the same! Oregonians deserve so much better than a continuation of a status quo and if you feel the same, this is our ONLY opportunity to help SECURE Oregon’s HISTORIC comeback.

Can I count on you in these FINAL few days to help me make history and save a state we love?

We won’t get another chance like this, and while I’ve said it before, your support alone will be the difference between Oregon making a HISTORIC comeback and continued Democrat-led decline.

So, rush $14 NOW and let's make history by SECURING Oregon's comeback. It's now or never — this is it — ELECTION DAY IS JUST DAYS AWAY and if you don't answer the call, all of our work to save Oregon might just be for nothing.

I hope you answer the call to action.

Christine Drazan

PS — Remember this from early in the campaign? It's way too late to quit now. I really want to . . .

Finish line


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