Believe in Oregon


Growing up in a small town, things weren't always easy — but we believed in Oregon. Lately though, leaders like Tina Kotek and Kate Brown have let us down. They just don't seem to get it, and we know it's time for change.

I just dropped my latest ad — laying out my Day One Plan for leading our state in a new direction — and I wanted to ask PERSONALLY if you'd give it a watch.

On day one as your next Governor, I'll…

✅ Declare homelessness the emergency that it is.

Get politics out of our schools and expand school choice.

✅ Make housing more affordable by making it easier to build new housing.

…and that's just the start. But these are the simple yet CRITICAL first steps to bring change to Oregon.

I'm in this race because I believe in Oregon. Always have, always will–and I hope you'll join me in this fight if you haven't already, to save a state we love.

Thank you for your support

Christine Drazan


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