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The Oregon Republican Party is alive and rarin' to kick some Democrat butts out of office in November 2022. Hammered by diktats from the term-limited governor and super-majorities in both chambers of the legislature, Oregon and Marion County Republicans are redoubling their efforts to save the state from the black hole of Democrat rule. Oregonians are awakening to the terror of Democrat overreach as the state's former glory of a vibrant economy fueled by verdant forests and open spaces gets destroyed through malicious legislation and rules.

First, though, comes the May elections — partisan Primary and non-partisan. As Marion County Republicans work our way through campaigns to support and endorse those we believe to be the best candidates to carry the Republican brand into the general election in November 2022, we will post to this page the reasons why you should vote for them. Watch for announcements of events where you can meet and chat with our candidates on our Events page. A new feature this year is a news roll where candidates can post news articles and published opinion pieces so that you can learn more about their campaigns and perspectives on issues.

U.S. Senate

Oregon's senior member of the U.S. Senate lives in New York City, New York. 'Nuff said.

Darin HarbickHaving succeeded at business, Darin Harbick initially focused his attention on the Governor's office as his means of giving back to the State of Oregon. When that field was quickly overwhelmed with candidates, making it nearly impossible to raise his voice above the din, he accepted the sage advice of friends to look east . . . like D.C. Living in the Cascade foothills east of Springfield, he has a personal connection to the central federal issue impacting Oregon: mismanaged Federal forestland is in his back yard. As a business owner, he also experiences the devastating effects of bad immigration policy. Dealing with these and other issues is much more than an academic exercise.

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Sam PalmerCiting his "River Democracy Act" as the final straw, Sam Palmer determined to oust New York state's third senator. Rather than locking up thousands of square miles of prime forest and range lands and violating private property rights as Sen. Wyden proposes, Sam understands that the key to Oregon's future is to properly manage our bountiful natural resources. As a Grant County Commissioner, owner of a small, but successful logging company, and hospital nurse focused on surgery and oncology, Sam has the background and leadership experience upon which to build successful service to Oregon in the U.S. Senate.

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As she nears the end of her final term, Gov. Kate Brown faces an electorate deeply angry with the abject failure of her administration. Toilet "humor" epitomizes the commentary read on social media. Many within her own Party dislike her. Republicans are ready to replace the person at the top.

Kerry McQuistenCommon Sense. Conservative. Grassroots. Kerry McQuisten is a seventh generation Oregonian who currently serves as Mayor of Baker City. In that role, she authored the "Common Sense Sanctuary City" resolution that gained national media attention and led to the formation of a coalition of cities and counties across Oregon who stood up to Kate Brown's mandates. She is a business owner, owning and operating a publishing company she started from the ground up in 2007. She is definitely not a politician or a perennial candidate. McQuisten was raised on a cattle ranch in Baker County, and has a particularly strong natural resources background.

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Jim Huggins

"Courage to make government do what it is supposed to do". Citing the 100+ days and nights of anarchy in Portland that pretty much destroyed the downtown core, Jim Huggins vows to "publicly call out politicians who refuse to uphold the public order", whether Democrat or Republican. A Salem resident, Jim is a film maker, screen writer, and co-founder of New Shepherd Films, LLC. He believes strongly that "society is a reflection of the stories it tells itself", telling an interviewer why Christian, family-based films belong in Hollywood, "Are you happy with how society is going? No? Then change the stories." A good start on the path to save Oregon, too.

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Bridget BartonWhile casting herself as a "relentlessly optimistic outsider", Bridget Barton is not entering her first political rodeo. She landed in Oregon from Virginia, where she graduated with a degree in philosophy from the College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, VA)  and credentialed to teach secondary-level students. Here she immersed herself in charter schools,  advocating for for their introduction and expansion in order to offer parents an alternative to what she termed "big box" education. In 1997 she began publishing the Brainstorm NW print magazine, now distributed digitally as the Oregon Transformation Newsletter.

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U.S. House, CD 5

Try as one might, it is difficult to figure out Oregon's 5th Congressional District. So much seems to favor Republicans yet time after time district voters send a Democrat incumbent back to D.C. Maybe it's just to keep one out of our hair. The incumbent is seeking his seventh term in Congress. Redistricting has completely recast the district, removing the most liberal elements in Multnomah and Clackamas counties but pushing the boundary eastward to encompass Bend. Several analyses conclude the district now ever so slightly favors the Republican candidate.

Lori Chavez-DeRemerManaging the medical services business she and her physician husband founded and raising twin daughters led Lori Chavez-DeRemer on a path to expanding public service. In 2002 she earned a place on the city of Happy Valley's Parks Committee. That whetted her appetite to run for and win election to the City Council. Following her turn as Council President, she won election as Happy Valley's first Latina mayor in 2010, serving two terms through 2018. Although unsuccessful in her bid for a seat in the Oregon legislature, with much of the campaign structure still in place, she is well-positioned for this run for Congress.

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U.S. House, CD 6

Oregon's newest congressional district serves the northern portion of the Willamette Valley. It encompasses Yamhill and Polk counties while essentially following I-5 and/or 99E from Tualatin in the north through Clackamas and Marion counties to the Santiam River (Marion-Linn county line) in the south. In addition to Salem and Keizer, Marion County cities of Woodburn, Turner, and Jefferson are in the new district. The district is as pure a toss-up as there can be in Oregon when considering simply political party registration.

Dr. Angela Plowhead was the first person to announce a bid for the new seat. Even before the shape and location of the district were finalized, the Keizer resident announced her intention to seek election and received the support of Marion County Republicans. Through her clinical psychology practice based in Salem, she has clients and contacts throughout Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Clackamas, and Washington counties that comprise the district. As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, she vows, "America's global strength must be trusted by our friends and respected by our foes. As a veteran, I will respect our men and women in uniform."

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State Legislature

This year Republicans expect to defy the odds and end the destructive era of Democrat super-majority rule. Marion County Republicans are ready to do their part. Redistricting has shuffled things around. The total number of legislators with Marion County constituents dropped from 15 to 13 (losing one from each chamber). Members of both parties were drawn out of their districts, leading to both retirements and members facing colleagues in new districts. The new legislative maps take effect in January for purposes of primary and general election campaigns and voting; the current maps are in effect for purposes of the 2022 regular session and representation until the 82nd Legislative Assembly convenes in January 2023.

Senate District 6



Senate District 8



Senate District 10

Rep. Raquel Moore-GreenMarion County Republican Rep. Raquel Moore-Green, facing a dramatically altered electorate in her HD 19 portion of the district, chose to accept the Senate Republican caucus invitation to seek election to the seat previously held by Salem icon Jackie Winters. It is currently occupied by Democrat Deb Patterson who narrowly won a 2020 special election to complete Sen. Winters's term. Redistricting has favored Democrats, yet Rep. Moore-Green truly can claim to be a good fit. "Much of what I have been able to collectively accomplish for our community is based on my ability to listen to all sides of an opportunity and thoughtfully move an effort forward to fruition."

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Senate District 11

Sen. Kim ThatcherBecause Keizer, home of Marion County Republican Sen. Kim Thatcher, was drawn into a district that include Salem and Woodburn, the prospects for the city's conservative, longest-serving (and sole remaining) legislator are cloudy. Republicans trail in registration and the old district has a long Democrat history, even if the incumbent, Sen. Peter Courtney, finally retires. At least she will be able to campaign closer to home. Her reputation as a passionate advocate for taxpayers, working to reduce the number and impact of government regulations and open government operations to public scrutiny, makes her formidable.

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House District 11

Rep. Jami CateAlso a victim of redistricting, Marion County Republican Rep. Jami Cate still survived relatively unscathed. While she lost her Marion County constituency in the Santiam Canyon, she still reaches into the county surrounding Jefferson. Although technically an open seat since the incumbent was drawn out of the district, Rep. Cate is, after all, running for re-election and the biggest change to the district is the number. Agriculture is still the primary interest tying the district together. In this sense, Jefferson fits perfectly, even better than the forestry interests of the canyon. With the district still anchored by her hometown of Lebanon, efforts to dislodge her face steep odds.

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House District 15



House District 17



House District 18

Rep. Rick LewisWith the departures of both Rep. Bill Post and Rep. Brian Clem, Marion County Republican Rep. Rick Lewis assumes the mantle of senior Member of the House from Marion County. Above the cacophony of voices shouting "Defund the police", his voice — ringing with the authority of experience gained as Chief of Police and Mayor of Silverton as well as military service — has advocated preserving public safety and minimizing the damage to law enforcement agencies. Although it has not been enough to save Portland, the cancer has been contained. The district was actually a beneficiary of redistricting, adding the northern reaches of the county around St. Paul in what was HD 25.

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House District 19



House District 20



House District 21



House District 22



Marion County

While the three Marion County Commissioner positions are still partisan and thus require a primary vote to determine candidates for a November election, the other elective positions are non-partisan. Elections to non-partisan positions are decided in May unless no candidate receives a majority.

Marion County Commission, Pos 1

Kevin CameronMarion County Republican Commissioner Kevin Cameron is the senior member of the board and a highly respected policy maker. He served in the Oregon House of Representatives from 2005-2014, representing District 19. In addition to his public duties representing the citizens and residents of Marion County, Mr. Cameron devotes much of his private life to the community. As a business leader, he helped form the Corban University Business Executives and the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce. As a father, he has worked with Boys & Girls Clubs of Marion/Polk Counties, .the Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts, Family Building Blocks, Liberty House, Salem-Keizer Schools Foundation, and Salem Area Young Life,

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Marion County Commission, Pos 2

Colm WillisMarion County Republican Commissioner Colm Willis returns to the campaign trail, this time seeking re-election for a second four years. Completing his first term on the board, he can point to a record of solid accomplishment. Mr. Willis resides in Stayton, where prior to his election he was an attorney practicing business law.. His focus while on the board has followed in the vein, resolving issues faced by small business owners and entrepreneurs. As shown through his efforts, he believes that Marion County should be a place where a good education, a good job, a good home, and a secure retirement are available to every resident.

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Marion County District Attorney





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