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Representative Bill Kennemer
State Sen. Bill Kennemer
Photo courtesy of the Oregon Legislature

Legislative redistricting stemming from the 2010 census extended District 20 into Marion County for the first time. The rural sliver of the county running north from Aurora to Arndt Road between the Aurora State Airport and Airport Rd. and the Pudding River is the new Marion County real estate included in the district. Basically, this change "straightens out" the line between House Districts 18 and 39 (Senate Districts 9 and 20) that had followed the twists and turns of the Pudding River separating Marion and Clackamas counties.

Senator Kennemer served House District 39 from 2009 until "retirement" from political life in 2018. He had previously served in the legislature from 1987 to 1997 as a senator representing the Milwaukie area. He left the Senate when elected to the Clackamas Board of Commissioners, where he served until his election to the House. That board, in conference with the Marion County Commissioners, unanimously selected Sen. Kennemer from among three candidates to serve the remaining two years of Sen. Alan Olsen, who stepped down at the start of the session in January.

Welcome back to the Oregon Legislature, Senator!

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