August 2014 Exec Team Meeting

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Marion County Republican Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes June 19, 2014

Opening The meeting of the Marion County Republican Executive Committee was called to order at 6:40 on June 19, 2014 in Peoples Church by David Darnell.  Jeff opened with a prayer and led the pledge of allegiance.

Present David Darnell Davis Dyer Jeff Heyen  Glenn Holum Janna Medina Becky Mitts Jan Williamson 

Chairman’s Report All candidates are in place after the primary, so David shared that we will begin focusing our efforts on supporting the Republican Candidates.  

State Race - David is looking for a distribution point for materials & signs for the Dennis Richardson campaign.  Jan Williamson is storing the signs for the Wehby campaign.  She offered to store Richardson signs also.  Glenn, Shannon and Becky also have storage buildings.  The Richardson campaign is also looking for volunteers to make calls and walk the area. 

David learned that the ORP is providing some candidate help, such as inexpensive signs.  Jan Williamson also has access to well made, inexpensive signs.

David suggested that a nominating committee will be put in place for the November 2014 Marion County Reorganization Meeting.  David would like to have this committee in place to meet in August.  

Bylaws Discussion
There was discussion regarding what actions should be taken with Republican candidates who donate or accept money from Progressive Democrats.  There is nothing currently in the bylaws regarding this issue.

Regional Meetings
Jeff suggested planning regional county meetings, and that all PCP’s should be contacted.  David suggested 5 weekly regional meetings for PCP’s:  South Salem, North/Central Salem, Stayton, Hubbard and Keizer.  It was suggested we contact the same venues as the previous meetings.  Jeff will get the calendars and locations arranged, starting on July 10th and skipping the Central Committee meeting on the 17th.    

Alternative Delegates
Jan suggested that we have all alternative delegates in place for the August State Central Committee meeting in Portland, since David Eaton and Ben Nanke have resigned.  It was not confirmed that David Eaton had resigned.  David suggested announcing 2 more alternatives are needed.  

PCP Communication
All prospective PCP’s, who were written in on the May ballot, have been emailed and/or telephoned. 
Jeff reported that NationBuilder has fixed the precinct issue.  He is verifying with NB that when they import the correct information, it will not overwrite any current information.  

Jeff suggested a schedule be set for next year.  David proposed having a person responsible for keeping up the calendar.  It was verified that there is a state Central Committee meeting in august, County Central Committee meeting in October and the Reorganization meeting in November.  David nominated Karen Darnell to keep the county calendar.

David suggested monthly work meetings before the election.  Suggested locations included Scottish Rite, Peoples Church and the Library.  

Treasurer Report
Janna reported that we have $6,382 in the bank.  She shared that we are receiving about $250 per month regularly and have raised $3,900 this year.

County Fair – July 9-13
Janna will contact the county fair to register and get a booth.  She will send a blast asking for volunteers.  It was also suggested we gather candidate information for our booth, and have a sign-up sheet for new PCP’s

Volcanoes Baseball / Honor Veterans Evening – July 5
We have the opportunity to have a sponsorship or sponsor a veterans family during the July 5th Honor Veterans Evening.  Jeff motioned that we donate $500 and Glenn seconded the motion: The motion passed unanimously.  Jan suggested making sure our name is visible by banner or elsewhere.  Janna will contact Ian about this event.  

Fiesta Mexicana – Woodburn – August
Jeff suggested this would be a beneficial event for Patti Milne.  Janna will contact Matt Geiger’s campaign Manager regarding this event.

Gathering of the Eagles – August 9
It was decided to have a booth, as offered by Dama Curtright, at the Gathering of the Eagles.  It was noted that this would be a great event for new PCP’s to get involved.  Becky will email Dama with our acceptance of the booth.  

Oregon State Fair – August
Terry Moffett, with ORP, will be overseeing the State Fair booth.  

Elephant in the Room
Jeff asked for an update on this possible fund raising effort.  It was reported that the Phrase is not copyrighted.  It would be considered an asset to the county party and must be presented to the party for approval.  David suggested using it without trademarking, or copyrighting it.  He also suggested making shirts for upcoming events.  Glenn will contact Tyler Smith to ask his opinion.  There was discussion on whether to bring it before the party at the Central committee meeting in July. Domain
Jeff updated the committee on a change to the free domain, offered by Microsoft, that the county has been using.  The free option will come to an end, so we must move to Office 365 for $5-6 per month per user, or continue to use the free version, but we will be unable to add new email accounts.  It was decided to keep the free option for now, because we will not need to add any account in the foreseeable future.

Jeff Motioned to accept the minutes for March, April and May 2014 minutes.  Janna seconded and the motioned passed.   

Meeting was adjourned at 9PM by David Darnell. 

Minutes submitted by: Becky Mitts
Approved by: [Name]


August 19, 2014 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Peoples Church Room D
Jeff Heyen · · 503.580.3912
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