Rep. Anna Scharf — Dist. 23


Representative Anna Scharf
State Rep. Anna Scharf
Photo courtesy of the Oregon Legislature

Rep. Anna Scharf succeeded her boss through appointment by the commissioners of Polk, Yamhill, and Marion counties covered by the district upon the expulsion from the House of Rep. Mike Nearman. Although she received the fewest votes of the district PCPs, she was the next best thing, having served as Rep. Nearman's Legislative Policy Analyst during the 2019 and 2020 sessions.

Rep. Scharf is especially qualified for her role as a legislator representing the agricultural interests that prevail in the district. From working on her 4th-generation family farm outside of Amity to her MBA degree in International Business and Bachelor's degree in Political Science, she covers every aspect of the job. Her first job upon graduation with her undergrad degree was as a lobbyist in Salem. She returns to occupy the other side of the desk.

She is Vice-Chair of the House Interim Committee on Human Services and has a seat on the House Interim Committee on Water. She also has a seat on the Joint Interim Committee on Ways and Means Interim Sub-Committee on Transportation and Economic Development.

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