How "Free" Is "Speech"?

This piece originally appeared at National Review's "The Corner" Wednesday, 16 August 2017 under the title "There’s No ‘Nazi’ Exception to the First Amendment" and the byline Charles C. W. Cooke

Piers Morgan is at it again:

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Under Fire — Infringe NeverMore

This piece originally appeared at The Federalist Friday, 16 June 2017 under the title "After Witnessing Shooting, Rep. Mo Brooks Explains Why We Need Gun Rights" and the byline Robert Tracinski

Robert TracinskiThe congressional baseball game shooter was clearly motivated by political hatred of Republicans. This hatred was clearly fed and magnified by listening to hysterical partisan rhetoric and participating in online discussions that reinforced his political biases, painted caricatures of the evil of his future targets, and reinforced his emotions of anger and resentment.

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Persecution For the Fun of It

This piece originally appeared at The Washington Times Sunday, 26 March 2017 under the title "In Oregon, the left targets an evangelical GOP judge " and the byline Ralph Z. Hallow

Ralph Z HallowVance Day has come to think he stands for all the things America’s intolerant elites can’t stand. He may be right.

The Oregon circuit court judge served two terms as the state’s Republican Party chairman. That's strike one against him in the minds of those elites. Strikes two and three are that he has an evangelical religious bent that leads him to see homosexuality as sinful.

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Reasserting the Primacy of the Constitution

This piece originally appeared at American Greatness Sunday, 22 January 2017 under the title "Trump Defends the Constitution" and the byline Ken Masugi

Dr. Ken MasugiFinally, a president upholds his oath and defends the Constitution against its enemies, domestic as well as foreign.

Donald Trump's inaugural address horrified his typical critics — the media, various conservative and liberal pundits, and sundry identity groups. All this signifies how far these insipid intellectuals and political hacks are from understanding the fundamentals of constitutional government.

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Birth Rights Protected

This piece originally appeared at American Greatness Saturday, 6 January 2017 under the title "Replacing Scalia and Replacing 'Constitutional' Rights" and the byline Robert Curry

Mitch McConnell's bold and sagacious gamble last year in refusing to allow a vote on the replacement of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia during the remainder of Obama's term surely helped Donald Trump get elected. The specter of Hillary Clinton nominating a replacement for Scalia genuinely frightened many voters, and brought them around to voting for Trump. The senate majority leader's decision to keep Scalia's seat open until after the election applied a constant and perhaps decisive pressure on the electorate.

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The Iconoclast Election

This piece originally appeared at Thursday, 9 November 2016 under the title "Reflections on an Otherworldly Campaign" and the byline Jonah Goldberg

Jonah GoldbergFor months there's been a running gag on social media about "Earth 2," where the 2016 campaign is a happy, normal thing. For instance, in mid-October, shortly after the release of the "Access Hollywood video," I joked on Twitter that, "On Earth 2 [the GOP] is 15 points ahead, looking to gain seats in Senate. Dems' October surprise on Rubio's water bill falls flat."

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Update: #Never "Lesser of Two Evils"

The first piece originally appeared at on 28 July 2016 under the title "Why Voting for Donald Trump is a Morally Good Choice" and the byline Wayne Grudem. It trended as the #1 article for over a week and maintained a top-5 position at the site after having gone viral for over a month. Following the revelation of the infamous Hollywood Access interview with Billy Bush, Dr. Grudem changed his mind in a follow-up article. After some further reflection, however, he wrote an update to the original article that appeared at TownHall on 19 October under the title "If You Don’t Like Either Candidate, Then Vote for Trump’s Policies". That article appears here.

Dr. Wayne Grudem

After I saw the shocking 2005 video with Trump talking about his sexual aggression against women, I wrote, "There is no morally good presidential candidate in this election." I condemned Trump's immoral conduct and said I did not know how I would vote. I asked to remove my earlier article, "Why Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice". I urged Trump to withdraw, hoping we could get a better candidate.

The liberal media loved this. “Evangelical theologian calls on Trump to withdraw.” I suddenly had more requests for interviews from mainstream news organizations than ever in my lifetime. I turned them all down.

And Trump did not withdraw.

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Coming to Terms With Trump

This piece originally appeared at Thursday, 4 May 2016 under the title "A Conservative's Guide to a Trump Nomination" and the byline D.C. McAllister

Denise C McAlisterPopulism is a virus we’ve just recently caught. Cultural Marxism is a cancer that has infiltrated every part of our nation. Pivot to #NeverHillary.

As a Tea Party constitutional conservative, I’ve been asked many times this primary season what I’m going to do if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president. Like many conservatives, I struggle with a Trump candidacy because he’s not a principled conservative and he’s manipulating emotions within the electorate much in the same way as Barack Obama.

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Reviving a Constitutional Congress

by Christopher DeMuth
Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute

The following is adapted from a speech delivered on September 15, 2015, at Hillsdale College’s Sixth Annual Constitution Day Celebration in Washington, D.C..

Reprinted by permission from Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College.

US ConstitutionOur Constitution is often treated as a reliquary, worthy of reverence but no longer of much practical use. Yet the Constitution reflects, in many deep and subtle ways, the character of the people who established it and have lived and prospered under it for centuries. This is particularly true of its structural features of federalism and separated powers, which vindicate Americans’ democratic nature, our distrust of power, and our taste for open competition.

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On the Passing of Justice Antonin Scalia

This piece originally appeared 15 February 2016 as installment #100 in the e-mail newsletter series Kristol Clear  under the title "Antonin Scalia (1936-2016)", and the byline William Kristol

Late Great Justice Antonin Scalia

William KristolNino Scalia would have appreciated, even been amused by, Sunday's Washington Post banner headline announcing his death: "Supreme Court conservative dismayed liberals." Scalia didn't mind dismaying liberals due to his attachment to the Constitution and the rule of law. And he had the self-confidence and sense of humor to take such a farcically inappropriate headline in stride. But think about it: One of the giants of the Supreme Court (and not just of the modern Supreme Court but of the history of the Supreme Court), a central figure in the revitalization of a whole approach or set of approaches to the Constitution and constitutional law, the author of some of the most important opinions and some of the greatest dissents ever to issue from that bench, a towering figure in our public life, dies — and the headline of the paper of record in our nation's capital focuses on the fact that he "dismayed liberals." What an example of the decay of modern liberalism into un-self-conscious solipsism!

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